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Reading Acceleration Pathway Community of Practice

Guide kindergartners to read on a 1st grade level & elementary children to grow 1.5 years in 10 months

Join the Reading Remediation Community of Practice today! Our webinars, coaching, and private Facebook group will help you achieve academic equity with your children in the upcoming school year!

How the Community of Practice Works:

Teachers, interventionists, and administrators who join the Community of Practice will have access to five webinars throughout the upcoming school year, coaching, weekly emails, and a private Facebook group focused on:

  1. how to help kindergartners move from learning letter sounds to reading at a 1st grade level by the end of the school year or
  2. how to guide Elementary children to advance at least 1.5 years in reading in a single school year using our Reading Remediation Pathway.

The Community of Practice is limited to approximately 100 participants. Teachers in kindergarten through 6th grade communities, SPED, or interventionists are welcome! Administrators or coaches are also welcome.

How the Reading Remediation Pathway works:

  • The Reading Remediation Pathway starts with a particular sequence of letter sounds.
  • Once children have mastered 6 letters, the guide begins dictating CVC words, which the children build with a moveable alphabet.
  • Simultaneously, the guide teaches a specific sequence of sight words. 
  • Once the children have mastered a couple sight words, the guide begins dictating particular phases and then sentences.
  • Once children have practiced building carefully scaffolded words, phrases, and sentences with the moveable alphabet, they go back and read those same words, phrases, and sentences on paper.
  • Eventually, children start reading books that have been carefully written to isolate the difficulty, based on which phonetic elements and sight words children have mastered. 
  • The Pathway also includes phonological awareness activities.
  • In elementary, the lessons occur three times per week. In primary they occur 4 times per week.

Community of Practice Schedule:


Overview webinar (is 90 minutes and starts at 6pm ET):

  • Week of August 1


Two webinars (each are 45 minutes and start at 6pm ET):

  • Week of September 5 (Elementary = Tuesdays; Primary = Thursdays)
  • Week of September 19


Two webinars (each are 45 minutes and start at 6pm ET):

  • Week of January 9
  • Week of March 27

The Problem We Must Solve

The Montessori model provides so many components of Transformational Education—it centers autonomy, competence, and belonging, which are the three fundamental human needs related to flourishing.

However, Montessori in the public sector has not yet unlocked how to fully implement Montessori in a way that ensures equitable outcomes for all children. Even in our best public Montessori programs, we see huge disparities along socioeconomic lines.

According to GreatSchools.org, public Montessori schools routinely help more affluent children achieve an average of 8 out of 10 on academic tests of basic proficiency, while children from low-income communities achieve just 3 out of 10.

Our Solution

Montessori For All blended its knowledge from high-performing public schools with its deep roots in Montessori to design an accelerated Montessori Reading Remediation Pathway to help kindergartners read at a 1st grade level by the end of kindergarten.

The Montessori Reading Remediation Pathway incorporates phonics-based research with Montessori principles to offer a systematic, streamlined curriculum to move children from letter sounds to reading books in ten months or less. Lower Elementary children can enter the pathway at their exact level and expect to grow 1.5 years in a single school year.

Sign Up or Find Out More

Email hello@montessoriforall.org to secure your spot!

Cost: $750 per person for the entire year

Please note: There are curricular costs associated with implementing the curriculum above and beyond the cost to participate in the Community of Practice, including sandpaper letters, moveable alphabets and phonetic readers. You can find more details here: https://bit.ly/listofbooksneeded

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