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Our Current Projects

What we do and why


In partnership with the nonprofit organization Transcend, Montessori For All regularly convenes a group of Public Montessorians with the hope that deeper, intentional collaboration helps us more urgently find solutions that help Montessori reach its fullest potential. Participants in our Advancing Equity in Public Montessori include Montessori guides and administrators from Magnolia Montessori For All, Breakthrough Montessori, City Garden Montessori School, The Montessori School of Englewood, and Stonebrook Montessori, as well as trainers and staff from Capitol Region Education Council-The Montessori Training Center Northeast and the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector. Through in-person convenings and follow-up video conference conversations, we develop, test, and iterate on new resources, including lesson planning and intellectual prep guidance, a sample schedule and planning guidance to help ensure all children are receiving enough intervention, a toolkit clarifying different types of follow up work, a truncated scope and sequence for kindergarteners new to Montessori, ideas about how to embed SEL in our history albums, a process for building identity affirmation groups, and a primary assessment/observation system that aligns grade-level outcomes with observations of children using Montessori materials.


Montessori For All hosts monthly calls that are free and open to the public Montessori community. We offer trainings on various topics, such as how to build a culture of work at the beginning of the school year, how to strengthen Montessori math in order to lead to stronger outcomes for all children, etc.


We are collaborating with Van Ness Elementary, KIPP Austin: OBRAS, Bricolage, The Primary School, and Magnolia Montessori For All to build a tool that enables schools to strengthen the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of their Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III systems for enabling children to reach their fullest potential socially, emotionally, and culturally by guiding teams to:

  1. Document their current approach
  2. Self-evaluate their current approach
  3. Generate next steps with measurable goals to strengthen their current approach
  4. Engage in ongoing data cycles to continue to tweak and strengthen their system


and corresponding case studies that schools can look to for inspiration and guidance as they build our their own comprehensive plans.

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